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Well here we go all I wanted was my first brand new side by side to plow the snow on my drive way. and decided too go with Arctic Cat cause there 4 year warranty on there Arctic Cat Prowlers. Well after being told that the prowler needs to be broke around 200km in and it will not coast by its self and drive great........ well it got bad fast I called 5 times over the first month owning it saying that when I let off the foot brake it moves by its self they just kept saying around 200km bring it in for its first check up and that its normal???? well finally at 34km the E brake was on and it still did not hold the prowler still the prowler drive into my house! BY ITS SELF. KEEP READING NOW TO SEE HOW I WAS TREATED!

ArcticCat 204-982-1656 Beware of ArcticCat Prowlers are not SAFE! they drive by them self do to engine clutch problems??.

Purchased a 2012 Articcat Prowler and have had nothing but problems! do to a engine clutch problem they say?? the Prowler can drive by its self even with the E brake fully engaged MINE did this drove into my house and bent the roll bars!. NOT SAFE I took it in for repairs and the company I purchased it for fix the engine a said sorry but for the roll bars I needed to deal with Travis and the Canada head office 204-982-1656 BUT HE "TRAVIS" SAID NO THEY WILL NOT FIX IT AS THE REPAIRS THE THE ENGINE WERE FIXED.? the PROLWER COULD HAVE KILLED SOME ONE DRIVING WITH A DRIVE!! Now it comes to the warranty! is there a warranty with arcticc at? I purchased a 4year warranty with mine. Well every warrant goes through Travis at 204-982-1656 and his job is to try to come up with a reason yours is not under warranty.

READ THIS They sold it to me with the engine problem and even now at 30 km on it its my fault! "BEWARE OF THE THE ARCTIC CAT PROWLER IT CAN *** BY ITS SELF AND YOUR LEFT WITH THE BILLS"

TRAVIS SAYS " you should call your insurance company its not our problem" it is when you sell people an un safe unit.

Please re think the fast taking sales reps saying bumper to bumper warranty! they can fix the problem but not what the problem caused!!!

$24,000 after extras and warranty and WoW NOT SAFE AND NOT HAPPY AT 34km on the unit. I feel owes me a new prowler at the least! as this could have been resolved with the roll bars being fixed. Just so every one out the knows Travis and the head office in Canada still did not apologize for the engine problem and it driving by its self.

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I'm think of a class action law suit about there Arctic Cat warrant email if you have had a problem


I just tested to see if they would talk to me about buying a new prowler and the guy said "BUMPER TO BUMPER WITH ALL REPAIRS NEEDED TO IT" But when I showed him a print out about what you said on this site he started back stepping and went and helped someone else what a F%#$ing cheap low life sales person Arctic Cat has some real going thief's working for them. I thought Arctic Cat was good tell today.


If its under warranty and the motor was the problem to the crash then YES Arctic Cat should fix it!! I will watch this form please update it if they fix your Prowler for you this is very important for the pubic to no about Arctic Cat

I will not buy one if there warranties are a sham! I have never had a problem with my Honda warranties when it needed repairs they fixed it with no problems.

I will never purchase a ArticCat after reading so much bad this about there warranties


To add to this ArcticCat Prowler 1000 motor problems ect... Arcticcat needs to step up and stop there lies and give people the warranty's they pay for.

If the side by side is so great then they should have no problem fixing it!!!

Well thanks for this I'm going to look into something other then ArcticCat for my next toy. The ArcticCat Prowler 1000 has way to many bad this being said about them and about ArcticCat's not do there warranty's


They to ripped me off by saying my Prowler was miss handled and not used right liers! they are. there motors are ***!

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